National Culture and Space

National Culture and Space: Art, Narrative, and Travel of Explorations in 19th Century Bolivia and Peru
In this seminar we will study canonical and non-canonical narrative texts from 19th-century Bolivia and Peru from a socio-spatial perspective. Alongside literary texts, we will consider texts by travelers and explorers, pamphlets, maps, pictorial artwork, and photographs that highlight the importance of constructing national spaces as a prerequisite for constructing national cultures in both of these countries during the 19th century. Among other materials, we will read and analyze Nataniel Aguirre's historical novel Juan de la Rosa, extracts from Manuel Atanasio Fuentes'Lima: apuntes históricos, descriptivos, estadísticos y de costumbres, the pictorial artwork of Johann Moritz Rugendas, and relevant theory on the relationship between space and nation. (Senior majors with at least two Spanish courses numbered 0350 or above, or by waiver.)
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