Sculpture-Material Lab

Sculpture-Material Lab
As an exploration through experimentation, this course aims to expose students to the widest array of sculptural materials possible in a limited amount of time. Each class will begin with an experiment designed to reveal the inherent properties of a new material, while also providing greater understanding of its traditional usage. Using a variety of casting techniques (rigid, flexible, lost, life) and the Smooth-on catalog (an industry standard and the origin of nearly all movie makeup special effects) as our guide, we will unleash our triple beam balances and mix up, urethane rubber, foam rubber, alginate, plaster, latex rubber, hard and soft plastics, and more. Fast-paced individual and collaborative projects will eliminate any sense of preciousness towards final outcomes emphasizing the journey and not the end product. Slide lectures showcasing contemporary artists including Folkert de Jong, John Isaacs, Tim Hawkinson, and David Altmejd will place these materials in context. This course is designed for the art major and non-major alike. Materials will cost approximately $90 per student. This course counts as an elective towards the major or minor in Studio Art.
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