Diaspora & Trans-nationalism

Diaspora and Trans-nationalism
This course will examine the complex political, economic, and cultural causes and impacts of the movement of peoples across national boundaries in the 20th century. We will compare and contrast the dispersal of intellectuals, artists, performers and activists in three major historical timeframes: 1. the Spanish Civil War and World War II; 2. The Cold War; and 3. Contemporary transnational communities. We will not only examine the ways in which dispersed groups interact with states and dominant societies, but also critically examine inter-diasporic relations, the generational relations between established minority communities and new diasporic groups, and diasporic relations with “homeland.” Examples will come from Jewish and African cases in Latin America and Latin American examples in Europe and the United States . Students will choose a research topic on a diaspora community of their interest. 3 hrs. sem. (formerly HIST 0413)
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