Honors Thesis

Honors Candidacy
Students hoping to be considered as candidates for departmental honors must enroll in PSYC 0500 under the sponsorship of a department faculty member and submit a formal, written research proposal to the department by 5 p.m. on the Monday of the week BEFORE the final week of fall classes in their senior year. If the proposal is approved, the student will enroll in PSYC 0703 during the winter and spring terms of the senior year. The decision about awarding departmental honors will be made after the student submits a thesis by 5 p.m. on the Monday BEFORE the final week of spring classes. (Feb graduates should consult with their advisors about the appropriate semester in which to begin a thesis.) An oral defense of the thesis will be scheduled. (PSYC 0201,PSYC 0202, and PSYC 0500; approval required) (Staff)
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PSYC 0703

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Fall 2011

PSYC0703B-F11 Senior Work (Arndt)
PSYC0703C-F11 Senior Work (Baldridge)
PSYC0703D-F11 Senior Work (Collaer)
PSYC0703E-F11 Senior Work (Cronise)
PSYC0703G-F11 Senior Work (Gurland)
PSYC0703H-F11 Senior Work (Hofer)
PSYC0703I-F11 Senior Work (Kimble)
PSYC0703J-F11 Senior Work (Langrock)
PSYC0703K-F11 Senior Work (McCauley)
PSYC0703L-F11 Senior Work (Stefani)
PSYC0703M-F11 Senior Work (Velez)