The Genetics of Cancer

The Genetics of Cancer
This course will examine the genetic mechanisms that serve to regulate normal cell proliferation, survival, and senescence in order to understand how alterations in these mechanisms can lead to cancer. Students will develop research projects based on their own specific interests and review of the primary literature. The laboratory portion of the course will cover tissue culture, cell enumeration, apoptosis, cellular differentiation, and DNA based molecular diagnostics. Topics covered may include: the classification of cancers, cancers that have animal models, oncogenes and tumor suppressors, mitogenic signals, angiogenesis and metastasis, genetic and epigenetic alterations, external causes of cancer (viruses and toxins), and a survey of current treatment protocols. (BIOL 0250, or BIOL 0140 and BIOL 0145) 3 hrs lect./4 hrs. lab per week.
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