Senior Project

Senior Independent Project
Senior work is required. In consultation with their advisors, theatre majors may propose a THEA 0700 Independent Project. Preliminary proposal forms approved by the student's advisor will be submitted to the program by March 1st of the preceding academic year for those wanting credit in the fall term and by October 1st for those wanting credit in the winter or spring terms. Projects will conform to the guidelines that are available in the theatre office. Students are required to attend a weekly THEA 0500/0700 seminar.
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THEA 0700

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Spring 2010

THEA0700A-S10 Senior Work
THEA0700B-S10 Senior Work (Romagnoli)
THEA0700C-S10 Senior Work (Medeiros)
THEA0700D-S10 Senior Work (Draper)
THEA0700E-S10 Senior Work (Evancho)
THEA0700F-S10 Senior Work (Faraone)
THEA0700G-S10 Senior Work (Emerson)
THEA0700H-S10 Senior Work (Yeaton)
THEA0700Z-S10 Discussion (Medeiros)