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Senior Research Workshop
Students interested in earning departmental honors may do so by taking a Senior Research Workshop (ECON 0700) during their senior year [or by arranging an independent thesis project (ECON 0701) with a professor that is approved by the entire department as an alternative] granted they have taken 7 economics courses at Middlebury approved to count towards the major requirements. Four workshops will be offered in 2009-2010. These senior workshops will be composed of no more than eight students who will work independently on a project in a specific area for a semester and will meet to collectively discuss and present their research. Each of these workshops will have one or more prerequisite courses, and students who have prearranged a research topic with the professor will be given priority in admission to the seminar. Also, because of limited resources for guiding senior work, students with a single major in economics will be given priority over double and joint majors who will do senior work in other departments. To receive departmental honors the student must receive a minimum grade of A- in the Senior Research Workshop project and have a 3.5 or higher GPA in all economics courses taken at Middlebury approved to count towards the major requirements. High Honors requires an A in the Senior Research Seminar and a 3.75 or higher economics GPA, and Highest Honors an A in the seminar and a 3.9 or higher economics GPA. (Approval required)
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