Climate Justice

Climate Change, Climate Justice: An Essential Conversation *
The iron law of climate change is: the less you did to cause it, the quicker and harder it hits you. That’s one reason why, over recent years, the U.S. and global climate movements have increasingly morphed into climate justice movements. And it’s why those communities that are hardest hit are in the forefront of the fight for change. This course will focus on how we understand and measure climate impacts, what a fair response to the climate crisis might look like, and how activists and scientists are working to achieve those goals. This course will provide participants with greater capacity to evaluate and advance climate justice efforts. This course will be centered around a diverse group of people living and leading on climate justice issues in communities across the globe, for example: Cancer Alley residents, Black Lives Matter representatives, Sunrise Movement and other youth activists, Indigenous Peoples, Pacific Islanders and African populations at risk of flooding and others. (pass/fail)
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