Psychoanalysis and Aesthetics

Psychoanalysis and Aesthetics
How has psychoanalysis shaped art? In this course we will interpret Hispanic fiction, poetry, film, and arts from a psychoanalytic perspective. Psychoanalysis has been an influential discourse in literary and artistic criticism in the 20th century. In the Hispanic world, Freud and his theories of the mind, often channeled through surrealism, have inspired artists and critics to explore desire, language, and image in revolutionary ways. We will study narrative (Hernández, Lamborghini, Levrero, Piñera, Bellatin, etc.) and poetry (Generación del 27, César Moro, and others), with a minor focus on film (Buñuel) and art. Psychoanalytic theory will include Freud, Jung, Lacan, Kristeva, Felman and/or Žižek. (At least two Spanish courses at the 0300-level or above, or by waiver)
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