From Font to Table

From Font to Table
In an increasingly visual world understanding the constructions intertwining image and text are an essential skill. Graphic design explicitly engages these structures, and this course will explore its history and practice through the design of a class cookbook. The cookbook format offers a variety of challenges for the beginning designer in its uses of direction, narrative, and illustration. Central to the course will be the history and theory of book design. Putting this history into practice, the class will decide on a cookbook format, and students will design their own cookbook. By term’s end we will have a print-ready project, and in printing the book we will explore the varied mechanics of actual book production. Each student will be required to purchase Thinking With Type: A Critical Guide for Designers, Writers, Editors & Students by Ellen Lupton. Each student will also be required to contribute $100 towards the cost of materials.
*This course does not satisfy studio art credit./
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