Lat Am Vision/Space/Modernity

On Alephs and Moebius Strips: Vision and Space in Latin American Modernity
Taking as our cue Jorge Luis Borges' short story "The Aleph" and its cinematic interpretation in the cult film Moebius, we will explore how the defining features of modern experience, simultaneity and speed, influence the way spaces are represented in Latin American cultural artifacts. We will analyze short stories by Abraham Valdelomar, Oscar Cerruto, Julio Cortázar, and Borges; a novel by César Aira; essays by Ezequiel Martínez Estrada; paintings by Rugendas and Xul Solar; and a selection of cartographic material. Our reading of the primary material will be informed by theories developed by Beatriz Sarlo and Marc Augé. (At least two courses at the 0300-level or above or by waiver) 3 hrs. lect./disc.
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