Black & White Photography

Black and White Photography
In this course we will explore traditional and contemporary B&W photographic expression, including portraiture, landscape, street, and collage. This course will include some study of the history of photography, as well as basic camera, darkroom, and digital techniques. Students must have a 35 mm film (preferable) or 8MP (or bigger) digital SLR camera with manual controls of focus, aperture, and shutter. (ART 0159 and another introductory level studio practice course from the following list: ART 0160, ART 0161, ART 0162, ART 0163, ART 0164, ART 0165, ART 0180, THEA 0101, THEA 0111,THEA 0113, THEA 0119, THEA 0129, THEA 0205, FMMC 0105, FMMC 0335, FMMC 0243, FMMC 0346, HARC 0130) 6 hrs. lect.
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