Film & Media Senior Seminar:
Hollywood Renaissance

"Hollywood Renaissance"
The transition in American film from the classical studio based production system to contemporary practice, what has come to be known as "New Hollywood," will be the subject of this seminar, approximately 1967-1976. Some have called this era, "the Hollywood Renaissance" This seminar will explore that claim along with the numerous other changes marking the transition including the influence of the European "art" cinema, the documentary, and the avant-garde film, the shift from the Production Code to the current ratings system, the impact of a young generation of filmmakers trained in the academy, the takeover of the old Hollywood studios by larger corporate conglomerates, and the social and political changes influencing American culture during this era. As a seminar this course will be based on the discussions, reports, and research of the participants. Research paper required. (Open to Senior FMMC majors and minors or by consent of instructor). 3 hrs. sem./3 hrs. screen.
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