Adv Qualitative ResearchMethod

Advanced Qualitative Research Methodologies: Stepping Stones to Your Doctorate

The course will focus specifically on how doctoral candidates can raise levels of thinking about their topic, their research process and their contribution to knowledge. It will discuss and provide practical models of generic critical features that have to be addressed in order to achieve the characteristics of doctorateness that examiners look for in a ‘good thesis’.
Thus, the course will deal with issues of doctorateness, the research process (design, methodology, and qualitative research methods), the architecture of the thesis, how to exploit the literature, coherence and cohesion, conceptualization (different levels of thinking in the research process) and auditing instruments.
The course will be a practical one where students will work around their anticipated topic of investigation - forming research questions, designing a conceptual framework, choosing the appropriate research methodology and methods, issues of analysis, and use of appropriate professional language (depending on the stage at which the participants are) .
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HEBM 6725

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Summer 2024 Language Schools, LS 6 Week Session