Elementary German

This level is designed for students who have had no previous experience with German. By the end of the summer, students will be able to employ all four modalities to communicate in German about simple topics, such as information about one’s self and others, activities and events, occupations and pastimes, and the world around us. They will learn to interact in routine and familiar situations of everyday life and narrate events in present and past tenses. During the summer, students will learn to recognize and correctly employ the foundational structures of German grammar and will establish a basic vocabulary relating to the aforementioned topics. All language acquisition will happen in cultural contexts that will also inspire comparisons with other cultures and support the development of trans- and intercultural competencies.

Note: All students who have prior knowledge of German and want to be placed beyond the Elementary German level (101-102-103) are required to take an analytical placement examination involving all four skills. On the basis of the test results, students will be advised concerning their course selections.
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GRMN 3102

All Sections in Summer 2024 Language Schools, LS 7 Week Session

Summer 2024 Language Schools, LS 7 Week Session

GRMN3102A-L24 Lecture (Wieden, Jordan)
GRMN3102B-L24 Lecture (Wieden, Jordan)