Intermed SP: Hisp Soc/Cultures

Intermediate Spanish: Hispanic Societies and Cultures

Students expand on existing knowledge of the cultures of the Spanish-speaking world to arrive at a deeper understanding of the concepts of cultural identity and nation. Topics include traditions, customs, and artistic manifestations of culture from Spain and Latin America, as well as a basic outline of the history of these regions. Materials include extensive readings (literary and journalistic texts) and audiovisual sources (film). Class activities include in-class discussion, interviews with native speakers, and compositions. (1 unit)

Required texts:*Rusch et al, Fuentes: Conversación y gramática, 5th edition (Cengage, 2015) // Tuten, Caycedo Garner and Esterrich, Fuentes: Lectura y redacción, 4th edition (Cengage, 2011), ebook version.
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SPAN 3204

All Sections in Summer 2018 Language Schools, LS 7 Week Session

Summer 2018 Language Schools, LS 7 Week Session

SPAN3204A-L18 Lecture (Echevarria)
SPAN3204B-L18 Lecture (Dona)
SPAN3204C-L18 Lecture (Lara)