Cultural Studies II

This course sequence is intended for students who have had one year of formal instruction in Portuguese, and it is designed to expand the PSGE 3201 course. In this program, modes of communication are integrated within cultural thematic units that explore the diversity and complexity of the Portuguese-speaking countries nowadays. Students will further develop their communicative skills through intensive exposure to authentic reading in the target language, debates, in-class presentations, and discussions of cultural phenomena in depth, while increasing and enriching their vocabulary and being in contact with different registers. These units may include tests and/or final projects. Among other fields, these thematic units may encompass the study of the environment and sustainability of the Amazon rain forest, Afro-Brazilian heritage and tradition, media in the Portuguese-speaking world, culture and civilization of the Lusophone world, and the arts in general, which may also include participation in workshops and exhibitions. Bibliography for PGSE 3203 will vary each year.
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PGSE 3203

All Sections in Summer 2014 Language Schools, Portuguese 7 week

Summer 2014 Language Schools, Portuguese 7 week

PGSE3203A-L14 Lecture (Diogo, Prates, Ribeiro)
PGSE3203B-L14 Lecture (Diogo, Prates, Ribeiro)