Grammar Composition&Conversatn

This course aims at strengthening and developing the intricate linguistic competence that students must possess in order to decipher and produce various verbal codes. Special emphasis will be given to oral and written expression through a systematic review of complex linguistic structures. The mastery of grammar will be acquired through an intensive practice of a variety of exercises. Readings and discussions of special topics will culminate in the writing of short pieces of descriptive narrative and argumentative prose.

Required Texts: Una grammatica italiana per tutti. 2. Livello Intermedio. Roma: Edilingua (ISBN 9788877157850) - Additional material for the course will be provided by the Instructor.

Students are also required to participate in the Diction & Pronunciation course.

Students are also encouraged to participate in all the workshops offered in the evening.
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ITAL 3301

All Sections in Summer 2014 Language Schools, Mills 7 Week Session

Summer 2014 Language Schools, Mills 7 Week Session

ITAL3301A-L14 Lecture (Borgotallo, D'Amanda)