WAGS 0191

Intro to Sociology of Gender

Introduction to Sociology of Gender
What is gender and what would a sociology of it look like? When did gender become a category of inquiry and more importantly why? We will look at how the meaning and performance of gender changed over time, from Classical Greece to Victorian England, to the contemporary U.S. We will also look at how gender changes depending on one’s position in social space, e.g. one’s race, class, sexuality, and nationality. Finally, we will consider how the need to look at gender is the result of a variety of discourses, from psychoanalysis to capitalism to movements of liberation such as feminism. 3 hrs. lect.
Women's & Gender Studies
Prog in Women's & Gender Study
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GSFS 0191 *
SOAN 0191


Spring 2013

WAGS0191A-S13 Lecture (Evans)

Fall 2012

WAGS0191A-F12 Lecture (Essig)

Fall 2011

WAGS0191A-F11 Lecture (Essig)
WAGS0191X-F11 Discussion (Essig)
WAGS0191Y-F11 Discussion (Essig)
WAGS0191Z-F11 Discussion (Essig)

Fall 2010

WAGS0191A-F10 Lecture (Essig)
WAGS0191X-F10 Discussion (Essig)
WAGS0191Y-F10 Discussion (Essig)
WAGS0191Z-F10 Discussion (Essig)

Fall 2009

WAGS0191A-F09 Lecture (Kelly)
WAGS0191X-F09 Discussion (Kelly)
WAGS0191Y-F09 Discussion (Kelly)
WAGS0191Z-F09 Discussion (Kelly)

Fall 2008

WAGS0191A-F08 Lecture (Essig)
WAGS0191X-F08 Discussion (Essig)
WAGS0191Y-F08 Discussion (Essig)
WAGS0191Z-F08 Discussion (Essig)

Fall 2007

WAGS0191A-F07 Lecture (Essig)
WAGS0191X-F07 Discussion (Essig)
WAGS0191Y-F07 Discussion (Essig)
WAGS0191Z-F07 Discussion (Essig)

Fall 2006

WAGS0191A-F06 Lecture (Essig)
WAGS0191X-F06 Discussion (Essig)
WAGS0191Y-F06 Discussion (Essig)
WAGS0191Z-F06 Discussion (Essig)

Fall 2005

WAGS0191A-F05 Lecture (Fee)
WAGS0191X-F05 Discussion (Fee)
WAGS0191Y-F05 Discussion (Fee)
WAGS0191Z-F05 Discussion (Fee)

Fall 2004

WAGS0191A-F04 Lecture (Fee)
WAGS0191X-F04 Discussion (Fee)
WAGS0191Y-F04 Discussion (Fee)
WAGS0191Z-F04 Discussion (Fee)

Fall 2003

WAGS0191A-F03 Lecture (Fee)
WAGS0191X-F03 Discussion (Fee)
WAGS0191Y-F03 Discussion (Fee)
WAGS0191Z-F03 Discussion (Fee)