SOAN 0191

Gender and the Body

Gender and the Body
What is your gender and how do you know? In order to answer this question, we need to consider how gender is known through biology, psychology, consumer capitalism, and our everyday embodiment. We will also look at how the meaning and performance of gender have changed over time from Classical Greece to Victorian England to the contemporary U.S. Throughout, we will consider how gender does not operate along, but is always entangled with, race, class, sexuality, nationality, and ability. 3 hrs. lect.
Social Sciences
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SOCI 0191
GSFS 0191 *
WAGS 0191


Fall 2018

SOAN0191A-F18 Lecture (Essig)

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SOAN0191A-F17 Lecture (Essig)

Fall 2016

SOAN0191A-F16 Lecture (Essig)

Spring 2016

SOAN0191A-S16 Lecture (Koch-Rein)

Fall 2015

SOAN0191A-F15 Lecture (Koch-Rein)

Fall 2014

SOAN0191A-F14 Lecture (Essig)

Fall 2013

SOAN0191A-F13 Lecture (Essig)

Spring 2013

SOAN0191A-S13 Lecture (Evans)

Fall 2012

SOAN0191A-F12 Lecture (Essig)

Fall 2011

SOAN0191A-F11 Lecture (Essig)
SOAN0191X-F11 Discussion (Essig)
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Fall 2010

SOAN0191A-F10 Lecture (Essig)
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Fall 2009

SOAN0191A-F09 Lecture (Kelly)
SOAN0191X-F09 Discussion (Kelly)
SOAN0191Y-F09 Discussion (Kelly)
SOAN0191Z-F09 Discussion (Kelly)

Fall 2008

SOAN0191A-F08 Lecture (Essig)
SOAN0191X-F08 Discussion (Essig)
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SOAN0191Z-F08 Discussion (Essig)

Fall 2007

SOAN0191A-F07 Lecture (Essig)
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Fall 2006

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Fall 2005

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Fall 2004

SOAN0191A-F04 Lecture (Fee)
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Fall 2003

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