EDST 0300

Models of Inclusive Education

Models of Inclusive Education
In this course we will focus on strategies and techniques for including students with diverse learning styles in general education environments. Legal, theoretical, philosophical, and programmatic changes leading toward inclusive models of education will be approached through a historical overview of special education for students with disabilities. Additionally, the course works to expand notions of inclusion such that students' multiple identities are incorporated into all learning. Emphasis is given to the active learning models and differentiated curriculum and instruction to accommodate a range of learners with diverse disabilities, abilities, and identities. (EDST 0115 or SOAN 0215 or SOCI 0215 or AMST 0105).
Education Studies
Education Studies
Social Sciences
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BLST 0300


Spring 2022

EDST0300A-S22 Lecture
EDST0300Z-S22 Discussion

Spring 2021

EDST0300A-S21 Lecture (Affolter)
EDST0300Z-S21 Discussion (Affolter)

Spring 2020

EDST0300A-S20 Lecture (Affolter)

Spring 2019

EDST0300A-S19 Lecture (Affolter)

Spring 2018

EDST0300A-S18 Lecture (Affolter)

Spring 2017

EDST0300A-S17 Lecture (Affolter)

Spring 2015

EDST0300A-S15 Lecture (Affolter)

Spring 2014

EDST0300A-S14 Lecture (Affolter)

Fall 2012

EDST0300A-F12 Lecture (Affolter)

Spring 2012

EDST0300A-S12 Lecture (Affolter)