ART 0309

The Landscape Re-Imagined

The Landscape Re-Imagined: Painting, Drawing, Photography, and Glass
In this course we will explore various art-making methods to depict our campus landscape and architecture. We will use oil paint on canvas, color drawing media, photography, and kiln-fused glass in a multi-disciplinary approach to two-dimensional picture-making. We will then explore how to integrate these technical processes with a goal of creating new and contemporary painted images. In addition to weekly image-based lectures on the history of landscape painting, the class will involve a collaborative studio workshop atmosphere, close individual instruction, and personal artistic development. (ART 0157, ART 0158, ART 0159 or by approval) 6 hrs. lect./lab
Studio Art
Program in Studio Art
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Fall 2017

ART0309A-F17 Lecture (Butler)

Fall 2016

ART0309A-F16 Lecture (Butler)

Fall 2015

ART0309A-F15 Lecture (Butler)

Fall 2013

ART0309A-F13 Lecture (Butler)

Fall 2012

ART0309A-F12 Lecture (Butler)

Fall 2011

ART0309A-F11 Lecture (Butler)

Fall 2010

ART0309A-F10 Lecture (Butler)

Fall 2009

ART0309A-F09 Lecture (Butler)

Fall 2008

ART0309A-F08 Lecture (Butler)

Fall 2007

ART0309A-F07 Lecture (Butler)

Fall 2006

ART0309A-F06 Lecture (Butler)

Fall 2005

ART0309A-F05 Lecture (Butler)

Fall 2003

ART0309A-F03 Lecture (Butler)