The Landscape Re-Imagined

The Landscape Re-Imagined: Painting, Drawing, Photography, and Glass
In this course we will explore various art-making methods to image the campus landscape and architecture. We will use oil paint, magic marker, spray paint, digital photography, and sculptural glass in a multi-disciplinary approach to picture-making. New technical processes will be taught, with a goal of making meaningful contemporary images. This class will not be based on an “assignment driven” structure, but will involve a collaborative studio workshop, close individual instruction, and personal/formal artistic development. (ART 0159 and another introductory level studio practice course from the following list: ART 0160, ART 0161, ART 0162, ART 0163, ART 0164, ART 0165, ART 0180, THEA 0101, THEA 0111 ,THEA 0113, THEA 0119, THEA 0129, THEA 0205, FMMC 0105 , FMMC 0335 , FMMC 0243, FMMC 0346, HARC 0130) 6 hrs. lect.
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