Research Methods in Psychology

Research Methods in Psychology
This course will provide students with an understanding of the research methodology used by psychologists. Students will learn to read psychological studies and other related research as informed consumers. Students will collect, analyze, and interpret data during lab assignments. They will also design an empirical study, review the related literature, and write a formal APA-style research proposal. (PSYC 0105 and PSYC 0201 or MATH 0116 or ECON 0210; not open to first-year students; open to psychology and neuroscience majors) 3 hrs. lect./1.5 hr. lab
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PSYC0202A-F14 Lecture (Kimble)
PSYC0202B-F14 Lecture (Moeller)
PSYC0202Y-F14 Lab (Moeller)
PSYC0202Z-F14 Lab (Kimble)