Beginning Chinese
Drill 1

Beginning Chinese
This course is a continuation of the fall and winter terms with accelerated introduction of vocabulary, grammar, and sentence patterns designed to facilitate speaking and reading. Toward the end of this semester students will read Huarshang de meiren (Lady in the Painting), a short book written entirely in Chinese. (CHNS 0102 or equivalent) 5 hrs. lect., 2 hrs. drill
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Spring 2013

CHNS0103A-S13 Lecture (Moran, Du, Wang)
CHNS0103B-S13 Lecture (Moran, Du, Wang)
CHNS0103C-S13 Lecture (Moran, Du, Wang)
CHNS0103Q-S13 Drill 1 (Lian)
CHNS0103R-S13 Drill 1 (Chen)
CHNS0103S-S13 Drill 1 (Chen)
CHNS0103T-S13 Drill 1 (Lian)
CHNS0103U-S13 Drill 1 (Chen)
CHNS0103V-S13 Drill 2 (Xu)
CHNS0103W-S13 Drill 2 (Chen)
CHNS0103X-S13 Drill 2 (Xu)
CHNS0103Y-S13 Drill 2 (Chen)
CHNS0103Z-S13 Drill 2 (Xu)