Beginning Japanese
Beginning Japanese I

An intensive introduction to the Japanese language. The course covers most basic grammatical structures and everyday vocabulary items, and introduces hiragana, katakana, and approximately 100 elementary kanji. Practices are conducted to develop all four skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) in meaningful communicative exercises.

Target OPI rating at the end of the session: Novice High

Required Text: Nakama 1: Japanese Communication Culture Contect - 3rd edition ISBN13: 978-1285429595 ISBN10: 1285429591

Nakama 1: Student Activity Manual - 3rd edition. ISBN: 0495798282 ISBN-13: 9780495798286 978-1-285433455
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JAPN3103A-L14 Lecture (Hayashi, Kato, Kondo, Maekawa, Yamashita)