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Translation & Interpretation

Sections in Fall 2023 - MIIS

Fall 2023 - MIIS

TIAG8501A-F23 Lecture (Jacobs)
TIAG8501B-F23 Lecture (Jacobs)
TIAG8501C-F23 Lecture (Jacobs)
TIAG8501D-F23 Lecture (Jacobs)

Fall 2023 - MIIS, MIIS Workshop

TIAG8505A-F23 Lecture (Burian)
TIAG8505B-F23 Lecture (Burian)
TIAG8515A-F23 Lecture (Andreu, Gillen)
TIAG8515B-F23 Lecture (Andreu, Gillen)
TIAG8515C-F23 Lecture (Andreu, Gillen)

Fall 2023 - MIIS, MIIS First Half of Term

TIAG8520A-F23 Lecture (Johnson)

Fall 2023 - MIIS

TIAG8604A-F23 Lecture (Buzadzhi, Cooper)
TIAG8604B-F23 Lecture (Buzadzhi, Cooper)
TIAG8605A-F23 Lecture (Hofmann-Miller)
TIAG8650A-F23 Internship (Thomas)
TIAG8698A-F23 Directed Study
TIAG8698H-F23 Directed Study (Andreu)
TIAG8698I-F23 Directed Study (Shen)
TIAG8698O-F23 Directed Study (Johnson)
TIAG8698Q-F23 Directed Study (Johnson)
TICH8501A-F23 Lecture (Cai)
TICH8501B-F23 Lecture (Cai)
TICH8501C-F23 Lecture (Cai)
TICH8502A-F23 Lecture (Cai)
TICH8502B-F23 Lecture (Ding)
TICH8502C-F23 Lecture (Ding)
TICH8511A-F23 Lecture (Pai)
TICH8511B-F23 Lecture (Pai)
TICH8511C-F23 Lecture (Pai)
TICH8511D-F23 Lecture (Pai)
TICH8512A-F23 Lecture (Cai)
TICH8512B-F23 Lecture (Cai)
TICH8512C-F23 Lecture (Cai)
TICH8512D-F23 Lecture (Cai)
TICH8513A-F23 Lecture (Lau)
TICH8513B-F23 Lecture (Lau)
TICH8513C-F23 Lecture (Lau)
TICH8513D-F23 Lecture (Lau)
TICH8514A-F23 Lecture (Lau)
TICH8514B-F23 Lecture (Lau)
TICH8514C-F23 Lecture (Lau)
TICH8514D-F23 Lecture (Lau)
TICH8631A-F23 Lecture (Myers)
TICH8631B-F23 Lecture (Myers)
TICH8631C-F23 Lecture (Myers)
TICH8631D-F23 Lecture (Myers)
TICH8632A-F23 Lecture (Zhu)
TICH8632B-F23 Lecture (Zhu)
TICH8632C-F23 Lecture (Zhang)
TICH8632D-F23 Lecture (Zhang)
TICH8632E-F23 Lecture (Hong)
TICH8632F-F23 Lecture (Hong)
TICH8635A-F23 Lecture (Shen, Bao)
TICH8635B-F23 Lecture (Shen, Bao)
TICH8635C-F23 Lecture (Shen, Bao)
TICH8636A-F23 Lecture (Chou)
TICH8636B-F23 Lecture (Chou)
TICH8636C-F23 Lecture (Chou)
TICH8637A-F23 Lecture (Bao)
TICH8637B-F23 Lecture (Bao)
TICH8637C-F23 Lecture (Bao)
TICH8638A-F23 Lecture (Ding)
TICH8638B-F23 Lecture (Ding)
TICH8638C-F23 Lecture (Chou)
TICH9490A-F23 Lecture (Dai)
TIFR8501A-F23 Lecture (Johnson)
TIFR8502A-F23 Lecture (Cooper)
TIFR8511A-F23 Lecture (Johnson)
TIFR8512A-F23 Lecture (Cooper)
TIFR8513A-F23 Lecture (Johnson)
TIFR8514A-F23 Lecture (Cooper)
TIFR8631A-F23 Lecture (Jackson)
TIFR8632A-F23 Lecture (Muoh)
TIFR8635A-F23 Lecture (Jackson)
TIFR8636A-F23 Lecture (Cooper)
TIFR8637A-F23 Lecture (Johnson)
TIFR8638A-F23 Lecture (Cooper)
TIGR8501A-F23 Lecture (Sehr-Stewart)
TIGR8502A-F23 Lecture (Hofmann-Miller)
TIGR8511A-F23 Lecture (Schubert)
TIGR8512A-F23 Lecture (Hofmann-Miller)
TIGR8513A-F23 Lecture (Schubert)
TIGR8514A-F23 Lecture (Hofmann-Miller)
TIJA8501A-F23 Lecture (Mori)
TIJA8502A-F23 Lecture (Russell)
TIJA8511A-F23 Lecture (Mori)
TIJA8512A-F23 Lecture (Russell)
TIJA8513A-F23 Lecture (Blandford)
TIJA8514A-F23 Lecture (Russell)
TIJA8631A-F23 Lecture (Vanasupa)
TIJA8632A-F23 Lecture (Russell)
TIJA8635A-F23 Lecture (Mori)
TIJA8636A-F23 Lecture (McEldowney)
TIJA8637A-F23 Lecture (Mori)
TIJA8638A-F23 Lecture (McEldowney)
TIKR8501A-F23 Lecture (Lee)
TIKR8502A-F23 Lecture (Sohn)
TIKR8511A-F23 Lecture (Lee)
TIKR8512A-F23 Lecture (Sohn)
TIKR8513A-F23 Lecture (Sohn)
TIKR8514A-F23 Lecture (Lee)
TIKR8631A-F23 Lecture (Kim)
TIKR8632A-F23 Lecture (Suh)
TIKR8635A-F23 Lecture (Sohn)
TIKR8636A-F23 Lecture (Lee)
TIKR8637A-F23 Lecture (Sohn)
TIKR8638A-F23 Lecture (Lee)
TIRU8501A-F23 Lecture (Buzadzhi)
TIRU8502A-F23 Lecture (Buzadzhi)
TIRU8511A-F23 Lecture (Gillen)
TIRU8512A-F23 Lecture (Kavenoki)
TIRU8513A-F23 Lecture (Gillen)
TIRU8514A-F23 Lecture (Kavenoki)
TIRU8631A-F23 Lecture (Gillen)
TIRU8632A-F23 Lecture (Kavenoki)
TIRU8635A-F23 Lecture (Buzadzhi)
TIRU8636A-F23 Lecture (Kavenoki)
TIRU8637A-F23 Lecture (Buzadzhi)
TIRU8638A-F23 Lecture (Buzadzhi)
TISP8501A-F23 Lecture (Shulman-Mora)
TISP8502A-F23 Lecture (Carbonell Aguero)
TISP8511A-F23 Lecture (Henson)
TISP8512A-F23 Lecture (Andreu)
TISP8513A-F23 Lecture (Shulman-Mora)
TISP8514A-F23 Lecture (Carbonell Aguero)
TISP8560A-F23 Lecture (Andreu)
TISP8631A-F23 Lecture (Weinmann)
TISP8632A-F23 Lecture (Andreu)
TISP8635A-F23 Lecture (Shulman-Mora)
TISP8636A-F23 Lecture (Carbonell Aguero)
TISP8637A-F23 Lecture (Cox)
TISP8638A-F23 Lecture (Carbonell Aguero)
TISP8640A-F23 Lecture (Shulman-Mora)