Stephen Trombulak


Spring 2019

BIOL0392A-S19 Lecture
BIOL0392B-S19 Lecture
BIOL0500J-S19 Independent Study
BIOL0700J-S19 Senior Work
BIOL0701J-S19 Senior Work
ENVS0112A-S19 Lecture
ENVS0500F-S19 Independent Study
ENVS0700F-S19 Senior Work

Winter 2019

BIOL0371A-W19 Lecture
BIOL0500J-W19 Independent Study
BIOL0700J-W19 Senior Work
BIOL0701J-W19 Senior Work
ENVS0500F-W19 Independent Study
ENVS0700F-W19 Senior Work

Fall 2018

BIOL0302A-F18 Lecture
BIOL0302Y-F18 Lab
BIOL0302Z-F18 Lab
BIOL0500J-F18 Independent Study
BIOL0700J-F18 Senior Work
BIOL0701J-F18 Senior Work
ENVS0330A-F18 Seminar
ENVS0500F-F18 Independent Study
ENVS0700F-F18 Senior Work

Spring 2018

BIOL0500J-S18 Independent Study
BIOL0700J-S18 Senior Work
BIOL0701J-S18 Senior Work
ENVS0500F-S18 Independent Study
ENVS0700F-S18 Senior Work

Winter 2018

BIOL0500J-W18 Independent Study
BIOL0700J-W18 Senior Work
BIOL0701J-W18 Senior Work
ENVS0500F-W18 Independent Study
ENVS0700F-W18 Senior Work

Fall 2017

BIOL0500J-F17 Independent Study
BIOL0700J-F17 Senior Work
BIOL0701J-F17 Senior Work
ENVS0500F-F17 Independent Study
ENVS0700F-F17 Senior Work

Summer 2017 Sch of Environment, School of Environment Vermont

SENV3120A-L17 Lecture
SENV3410A-L17 Practicum

Spring 2017

BIOL0392A-S17 Lecture
BIOL0392B-S17 Lecture
BIOL0500J-S17 Independent Study
BIOL0700J-S17 Senior Work
BIOL0701J-S17 Senior Work
ENVS0500F-S17 Independent Study
ENVS0700F-S17 Senior Work

Winter 2017

BIOL0500J-W17 Independent Study
BIOL0700J-W17 Senior Work
BIOL0701J-W17 Senior Work
ENVS0500F-W17 Independent Study
ENVS0700F-W17 Senior Work

Fall 2016

BIOL0302A-F16 Lecture
BIOL0302Y-F16 Lab
BIOL0302Z-F16 Lab
BIOL0500J-F16 Independent Study
BIOL0700J-F16 Senior Work
BIOL0701J-F16 Senior Work
ENVS0500F-F16 Independent Study
ENVS0700F-F16 Senior Work

Summer 2016 Sch of Environment, School of Environment Vermont

SENV3120A-L16 Lecture
SENV3410A-L16 Practicum

Spring 2016

BIOL0392A-S16 Lecture
BIOL0392B-S16 Lecture
BIOL0500J-S16 Independent Study
BIOL0700J-S16 Senior Work
BIOL0701J-S16 Senior Work
ENVS0500F-S16 Independent Study
ENVS0700F-S16 Senior Work

Winter 2016

BIOL0500J-W16 Independent Study
BIOL0700J-W16 Senior Work
BIOL0701J-W16 Senior Work
ENVS0500F-W16 Independent Study
ENVS0700F-W16 Senior Work

Fall 2015

BIOL0302A-F15 Lecture
BIOL0302Y-F15 Lab
BIOL0302Z-F15 Lab
BIOL0500J-F15 Independent Study
BIOL0700J-F15 Senior Work
BIOL0701J-F15 Senior Work
ENVS0500F-F15 Independent Study
ENVS0700F-F15 Senior Work

Summer 2015 Sch of Environment, School of Environment Vermont

SENV3120A-L15 Lecture
SENV3410A-L15 Practicum

Spring 2015

BIOL0500J-S15 Independent Study
BIOL0700J-S15 Senior Work
BIOL0701J-S15 Senior Work
ENVS0500F-S15 Independent Study
ENVS0700F-S15 Senior Work

Winter 2015

BIOL0500J-W15 Independent Study
BIOL0700J-W15 Senior Work
BIOL0701J-W15 Senior Work
ENVS0500F-W15 Independent Study
ENVS0700F-W15 Senior Work

Fall 2014

BIOL0302A-F14 Lecture
BIOL0302Y-F14 Lab
BIOL0302Z-F14 Lab
BIOL0500J-F14 Independent Study
BIOL0700J-F14 Senior Work
BIOL0701J-F14 Senior Work
ENVS0330A-F14 Seminar
ENVS0500F-F14 Independent Study
ENVS0700F-F14 Senior Work

Summer 2014 Sch of Environment, School of Environment Vermont

SENV3410A-L14 Practicum
SENV3420A-L14 Lecture

Spring 2014

BIOL0392A-S14 Lecture
BIOL0392B-S14 Lecture
BIOL0500J-S14 Independent Study
BIOL0700J-S14 Senior Work
BIOL0701J-S14 Senior Work
ENVS0112A-S14 Lecture
ENVS0500F-S14 Independent Study
ENVS0700F-S14 Senior Work

Winter 2014

BIOL0500J-W14 Independent Study
BIOL0700J-W14 Senior Work
BIOL0701J-W14 Senior Work
ENVS0500F-W14 Independent Study
ENVS0700F-W14 Senior Work

Fall 2013

BIOL0302A-F13 Lecture
BIOL0302Y-F13 Lab
BIOL0302Z-F13 Lab
BIOL0500J-F13 Independent Study
BIOL0700J-F13 Senior Work
BIOL0701J-F13 Senior Work
ENVS0500F-F13 Independent Study
ENVS0700F-F13 Senior Work

Spring 2013

BIOL0392A-S13 Lecture
BIOL0392B-S13 Lecture
BIOL0500I-S13 Independent Study
BIOL0700I-S13 Senior Work
BIOL0701I-S13 Senior Work
ENVS0401A-S13 Seminar
ENVS0401Y-S13 Lab
ENVS0401Z-S13 Lab
ENVS0500F-S13 Independent Study
ENVS0700F-S13 Senior Work

Winter 2013

BIOL0500I-W13 Independent Study
BIOL0700I-W13 Senior Work
ENVS0500F-W13 Independent Study
ENVS0700F-W13 Senior Work
INTD1074A-W13 Lecture
INTD1074B-W13 Lecture

Fall 2012

BIOL0302A-F12 Lecture
BIOL0302Y-F12 Lab
BIOL0302Z-F12 Lab
BIOL0500I-F12 Independent Study
BIOL0700I-F12 Senior Work
BIOL0701I-F12 Senior Work
ENVS0112A-F12 Lecture
ENVS0500F-F12 Independent Study
ENVS0700F-F12 Senior Work

Spring 2012

BIOL0500I-S12 Independent Study
BIOL0700I-S12 Senior Work
ENVS0500F-S12 Independent Study
ENVS0700F-S12 Senior Work

Winter 2012

BIOL0500I-W12 Independent Study
BIOL0700I-W12 Senior Work
ENVS0500F-W12 Independent Study
ENVS0700F-W12 Senior Work
INTD1119A-W12 Seminar

Fall 2011

BIOL0500I-F11 Independent Study
BIOL0700I-F11 Senior Work

Spring 2011

BIOL0202A-S11 Lecture
BIOL0202Y-S11 Lab
BIOL0202Z-S11 Lab
BIOL0500I-S11 Independent Study
BIOL0700I-S11 Senior Work
ENVS0112A-S11 Lecture
ENVS0500F-S11 Independent Study
ENVS0700F-S11 Senior Work

Winter 2011

BIOL0392A-W11 Lecture
BIOL0500I-W11 Independent Study
BIOL0700I-W11 Senior Work
ENVS0500F-W11 Independent Study
ENVS0700F-W11 Senior Work

Fall 2010

BIOL0302A-F10 Lecture
BIOL0302B-F10 Lecture
BIOL0302Y-F10 Lab
BIOL0302Z-F10 Lab
BIOL0500I-F10 Independent Study
BIOL0700I-F10 Senior Work
ENVS0500F-F10 Independent Study
ENVS0700F-F10 Senior Work

Spring 2010

BIOL0392A-S10 Lecture
BIOL0500I-S10 Independent Study
BIOL0700I-S10 Senior Work
ENVS0401A-S10 Lecture
ENVS0500F-S10 Independent Study
ENVS0700F-S10 Senior Work

Winter 2010

BIOL0500I-W10 Independent Study
BIOL0700I-W10 Senior Work
ENVS0401A-W10 Lecture
ENVS0500F-W10 Independent Study
ENVS0700F-W10 Senior Work

Fall 2009

BIOL0302A-F09 Lecture
BIOL0302B-F09 Lecture
BIOL0302Y-F09 Lab
BIOL0302Z-F09 Lab
BIOL0500I-F09 Independent Study
BIOL0700I-F09 Senior Work
ENVS0112A-F09 Lecture
ENVS0500F-F09 Independent Study
ENVS0700F-F09 Senior Work

Spring 2009

BIOL0392A-S09 Lecture
BIOL0500I-S09 Independent Study
BIOL0700I-S09 Senior Work
ENVS0112A-S09 Lecture
ENVS0500F-S09 Independent Study
ENVS0700F-S09 Senior Work

Winter 2009

BIOL0500I-W09 Independent Study
BIOL0700I-W09 Senior Work
ENVS0500F-W09 Independent Study
ENVS0700F-W09 Senior Work

Fall 2008

BIOL0500I-F08 Independent Study
BIOL0700I-F08 Senior Work
ENVS0500F-F08 Independent Study
ENVS0700F-F08 Senior Work
FYSE1048A-F08 Seminar

Spring 2008

BIOL0392A-S08 Lecture
BIOL0500H-S08 Independent Study
BIOL0700H-S08 Senior Work
ENVS0112A-S08 Lecture
ENVS0112W-S08 Lab
ENVS0500F-S08 Independent Study
ENVS0700F-S08 Senior Work

Winter 2008

BIOL0500H-W08 Independent Study
ENVS0500F-W08 Independent Study
ENVS0700F-W08 Senior Work

Fall 2007

BIOL0302A-F07 Lecture
BIOL0302B-F07 Lecture
BIOL0302Y-F07 Lab
BIOL0302Z-F07 Lab
BIOL0500H-F07 Independent Study
ENVS0401A-F07 Lecture
ENVS0500F-F07 Independent Study
ENVS0700F-F07 Senior Work

Spring 2007

BIOL0500H-S07 Independent Study
ENVS0112A-S07 Lecture
ENVS0112V-S07 Lab
ENVS0112W-S07 Lab
ENVS0500F-S07 Independent Study
ENVS0700F-S07 Senior Work

Winter 2007

BIOL0392A-W07 Lecture
BIOL0500H-W07 Independent Study
ENVS0500F-W07 Independent Study
ENVS0700F-W07 Senior Work

Fall 2006

BIOL0140A-F06 Lecture
BIOL0302A-F06 Lecture
BIOL0302Y-F06 Lab
BIOL0302Z-F06 Lab
BIOL0500H-F06 Independent Study
ENVS0500F-F06 Independent Study
ENVS0700F-F06 Senior Work

Spring 2006

BIOL0500G-S06 Independent Study

Winter 2006

BIOL0500G-W06 Independent Study

Fall 2005

BIOL0500G-F05 Independent Study
ENVS0500F-F05 Independent Study
ENVS0700F-F05 Senior Work

Spring 2005

BIOL0202A-S05 Lecture
BIOL0202Y-S05 Lab
BIOL0202Z-S05 Lab
BIOL0500E-S05 Independent Study
ENVS0112A-S05 Lecture
ENVS0500F-S05 Independent Study
ENVS0700F-S05 Senior Work

Winter 2005

BIOL0492A-W05 Lecture
BIOL0500E-W05 Independent Study
ENVS0500F-W05 Independent Study
ENVS0700F-W05 Senior Work

Fall 2004

BIOL0500F-F04 Independent Study
ENVS0112A-F04 Lecture
ENVS0500F-F04 Independent Study
ENVS0700F-F04 Senior Work
FYSE1048A-F04 Seminar
FYSE1048Z-F04 Lab

Spring 2004

BIOL0500I-S04 Independent Study
ENVS0112A-S04 Lecture
ENVS0360A-S04 Lecture
ENVS0500F-S04 Independent Study
ENVS0700F-S04 Senior Work

Winter 2004

BIOL0492A-W04 Lecture
BIOL0500I-W04 Independent Study
ENVS0500F-W04 Independent Study
ENVS0700F-W04 Senior Work

Fall 2003

BIOL0302A-F03 Lecture
BIOL0302Y-F03 Lab
BIOL0302Z-F03 Lab
BIOL0500I-F03 Independent Study
ENVS0112A-F03 Lecture
ENVS0500F-F03 Independent Study