Great Speeches Fr Pol Rhetoric

3412 The Great Speeches of French Political Rhetoric This course will study a large variety of political itineraries and many different types of expressions, speeches and oratory performances. It offers a panorama from Joan of Arc (XVth c.) to Simone Veil (XXth c.) and other “great” characters of the French history. Those characters are often controversial as Louis XIV or Napoléon Bonaparte. With the course, students will have the opportunity to become familiar with the political literature of France. They will work on the art of rhetoric and of political discourse in a concrete and lively manner, notably through enrichment of vocabulary, knowledge of the diversity of language styles, analysis of argumentation, and discursive strategies. Students of this course will have the opportunity to write by themselves a political speech to be performed in class at the end of the Session.

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FREN 3412

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Summer 2021 Language Schools, LS 7 Week Session

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