History of Spanish Language
Hist of SP Lang:Text Analysis

We will study a broad introduction to the history of the Spanish language. From its distant origins in Latin learned by the early inhabitants of the Iberian Peninsula, to its privileged position of language in today's world, and in its Peninsular and Atlantic variants. We will study the evolution (phonetic, morphological, syntactic, and lexical) of Spanish at successive stages (origins, medieval, modern, classic, current). We will reflect on its relationship to historical events that have shaped the Hispanic civilization and the development of the Spanish language. Finally, we will analyze significant texts of each historical moment and discuss their most relevant linguistic and stylistic characteristics. (1 unit)

Required text: Núñez Méndez, E. Fundamentos teóricos y prácticos de historia de la lengua. Yale University Press, 2012. ISBN: 978-0-300-17098-6
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SPAN 6620

All Sections in Summer 2018 Language Schools, LS 3 Week Session II

Summer 2018 Language Schools, LS 3 Week Session II

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