Survey Italian Lit & Culture

Survey of Italian Literature and Culture

This course is an introduction to Italian literary texts illustrating the cultural and socio-political history of Italy from the Middle Ages to the present. Students will acquire knowledge of how Italian literary texts reflect in a profound way Italy’s social, cultural, economic and political history. The major works of representative Italian authors and literary movements will be presented in time progression, discussed and commented in their cultural, historic and political contexts. The readings will serve as a starting point for conversation aimed at improving the students’ ability to express themselves with accuracy both in speaking and in writing. The study of literature will also provide a basis for analyzing in greater detail the evolution of the Italian language as used in literary texts. The study of Italian literature will be carried out through class readings and discussions, some video showings, and written compositions.

Required Texts: Paolo E. Balboni, Anna Biguzzi, Letteratura Italiana per Stranieri, Perugia: Guerra Edizioni, 2008 (ISBN: 978-88-557-0096-2),
Carlo Guastalla, Non dirmi che hai paura di Giuseppe Catozzella – Feltrinelli -

* Students are also required to participate in the Diction & Pronunciation and in the workshops offered in the evening for this level.
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ITAL 3415

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Summer 2015 Language Schools, Mills 7 Week Session

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