Predators & Biodiversity

Large Carnivores and the Conservation of Biodiversity
What is the relationship between top predators and biological diversity? Examples abound of the apparently positive effect that predators can have on ecosystems but scientific opinion about the role of predators remains divided. In this course we will examine the ecological theory that has shaped our understanding of predator-prey relationships and will discuss and critique real-world studies of predation. Along the way, we will consider the practical implications that this research has had for the management of fish, wildlife, and plant populations. Readings will include scientific publications, government reports, and popular accounts, including writings by Aldo Leopold and Cristina Eisenberg’s The Wolf's Tooth: Keystone Predators, Trophic Cascades, and Biodiversity. (This course counts as an elective towards the major in Biology) (BIOL 0140)
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