Modern & Post LA Poetry

Modern and Postmodern Latin American Poetry

Assuming that poetry is a privileged tool to read the changes in subjectivity, this course will investigate various lines that run through Latin American poetry from the Avant-Garde to the new “realisms” of the 21st-century. Concepts such as "lyric subject," "reality," "textuality", "form-content", change their meaning in the light of the works of poets like Oliverio Girondo, César Vallejo, Pablo Neruda, Alejandra Pizarnik, and Roberta Iannamico, among others. These changes provide clues to better understand the subjective transformations in relation to historical and social contexts in which they occur. In this sense, the main goal of the course is for students to access the poetic material without preconceptions and ready to enjoy it, but at the same time to acquire critical tools that will enable them to read between the lines what poetry has to say about the world. The evaluation will be based on class participation and a final paper. (1 unit)
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Summer 2012, LS 6 Week Session

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