New Technology Teaching IFL

New Technologies for Learning and Teaching IFL (for DML candidates, advanced graduate students, and teachers)

This course provides a balanced presentation of central issues in the theory and practice of Italian as Foreign Language teaching methodology and instructional technology. The class also assists students in developing critical skills for a meaningful integration of instructional technologies into their teaching/learning of Italian.

The course will present the overall perspective in the context of current practices involving the integration of latest technologies. After conducting a review of technology in learning and teaching foreign languages (theories of learning and key ideas for understanding e-learning), students will be guided to analyze the opportunities and constraints in using technology in the educational process. They will be also asked to select methodological approaches appropriate to the technologically-enhanced learning situation. An important component of the course will involve the active participation and collaboration of the students in group discussions (in-class and online), as well as practical in-class teaching demonstrations.

Required Text:
Pichiassi M. (2007). Apprendere l'italiano L2 nell'era digitale - Le nuove tecnologie nell'insegnamento e apprendimento dell'italiano per stranieri. Edizioni Guerra - Soleil. Serragiotto, G. (2009). Sillabo di riferimento per la formazione degli insegnanti di italiano a stranieri. Venezia Cafoscarina
- Balboni E., Margiotta U. (2012) Formare online i docenti di lingue e italiano L2. Utet
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ITAL 6699

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Summer 2012, LS 6 Week Session

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