Seduction French &Franco Plays

The Art of Seduction in French and Francophone Plays

The theme of seduction occupies a central place in the French literature. From the famous courtly love in Middle Ages literature, to the libertine love which characterized the 18th century, the aspects of seduction vary in intensity and ways of expression. In this course, we will examine the different “facettes” and representations of the art of seduction in the French and francophone plays.

Required texts:
1) Molie`re, Don Juan, Paris, Bordas, Coll. « Classiques Bordas », 2003, (ISBN : 2-04-730365-6)
2) Jean Giraudoux, Ondine, Paris, Le Livre de Poche, 2000, (ISBN : 2-253-00977-6)
3) Jean Genet, Le Balcon, Paris, Gallimard, 2002, Coll. « Folio the´a^tre », (ISBN : 2-07-041903-7)
4) Samuel Beckett, Oh les beaux jours, Paris, Minuit, 1996, (ISBN : 2-7073-0055-1)
5) Paul Claudel, Partage de Midi, Paris, Gallimard, 1994, (ISBN : 2-07-038885-9)
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Summer 2012, Mills 7 Week Session

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