Youth in Contemp Caribbean Lit

Childood and Youth in Contemporary Caribbean literature in French

In this course, we will study Caribbean area’s representations in the eyes of child and youth in Twentieth century Caribbean literature of French. Reading and analysing ""L’exil selon Julia"" by the Guadeloupean author Gisele Pineau as well as ""Chemin d’école"" and ""Ravines du devant-jour"" by the Martinican authors Patrick Chamoiseau and Raphaël Confiant, we will to explore the child’s memory, the youth’s ideology and the writers' significance. We will also analyse the thematics of history, truth and biography in literature.

Required texts : 1) Patrick Chamoiseau, Antan d’enfance, Gallimard/Folio 1996 ISBN 207040018 ; 2) Ravines du devant-jour, Raphaël Confiant, Gallimard/Folio 1995 ISBN 2070393054; 3) L’exil selon Julia, Gisèle Pineau, Paris LGF 2000, ISBN 2253147990
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FREN 6646

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Summer 2012, LS 6 Week Session

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