Topics in French Language

From one language to the other.

This course aims to improve students' oral skills through an intense theatrical practice. Through reading and acting, students will work on their comprehension and interpretative skills, as well as their confidence, ease and fluency in speaking the language.

Each class will focus on two ways of understanding a language : the technical side (relaxation, breathing, diction, articulation, body language ...) and the intellectual and emotional aspect (reading, analysis, discovery of texts and styles of expressions in the Francophone literary world).

The course has two sequences :
- Immersion : studying a variety of short texts, students will be immersed gradually in the linguistic diversity of the Francophone world.
- Odysseys : students will study in depth one play of the author. This play will be memorized and staged by the students at the end of the session.:

Required Texts 1) 5 petites pièces africaines pour une comédie, Edition Lansman ISBN 2872824987; 2) Odyssées, Gustave Akakpo, Edition Lansman ISBN 9782872828937; 3) Bon Voyage Don Quichotte ISBN 2872822011
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FREN 3305

All Sections in Summer 2012, LS 7 Week Session

Summer 2012, LS 7 Week Session

FREN3305A-L12 Lecture (Akakpo)
FREN3305B-L12 Lecture (Akakpo)
FREN3305C-L12 Lecture (Akakpo)