Advanced Japanese

Designed for graduate students and professionals with advanced skills in spoken and written Japanese. Undergraduates with exceptional preparation or extensive background living in Japan may also enroll. The prerequisite is at least three or more years of rigorous formal study in modern Japanese, or an extended period of a year or more studying or working in Japan. Students should know at least 1,200 kanji, or have advanced reading skills in Chinese. Instruction takes a multi-skill approach that employs a variety of materials: scholarly essays, newspapers, short stories, and manga. Video and audio materials are also used extensively to improve listening comprehension and oral presentation skills. The approach of the course is to study the language through a study of topics in the culture, and it presumes a high level of proficiency in all four language areas.

Target OPI rating at the end of the session: Advanced Mid

Recommended Materials: an electronic dictionary.

Text /Tasks, Vocabulary and Sentence Patterns/
For Advanced Learners of Japanese Facets of Culture. published by University of Tokyo Press
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JAPN 3503

All Sections in Summer 2011, Mills 8 Week Session

Summer 2011, Mills 8 Week Session

JAPN3503A-L11 Lecture (Morita, Sato)