Independent Research

Independent Research
Individual projects involving laboratory or extensive library study on a topic chosen by the student and approved in advance by a NSCI faculty advisor. For seniors, who typically begin research in their Fall semester, there are bi-weekly meetings along with PSYC 0500 to meet the needs of advanced research students. After completing at least one semester of NSCI 0500, seniors may elect to do additional research toward a senior thesis, and should enroll in NSCI 0700 for the final term of research. (Approval required) 3 hrs. lect./disc.
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NSCI 0500

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Fall 2010

NSCI0500B-F10 Independent Study (Arndt)
NSCI0500C-F10 Independent Study (Collaer)
NSCI0500D-F10 Independent Study (Cronise)
NSCI0500E-F10 Independent Study (Khalifa)
NSCI0500F-F10 Independent Study (Kimble)
NSCI0500G-F10 Independent Study (Root)
NSCI0500H-F10 Independent Study (Spackman)
NSCI0500I-F10 Independent Study (Spritzer)
NSCI0500J-F10 Independent Study (Stefani)
NSCI0500Z-F10 Discussion (Cronise)