Roman Linguistics Studies

Le français et les langues de la Méditerranée: études de linguistique romane / French and Mediterranean Languages: Romance Linguistics Studies

The purpose of this course is to present a general overview of Romance linguistics. We will cover the main so-called neo-Latin languages (among them: Romanian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and French) from both a diachronic and a synchronic perspective. Our approach will highlight, on the one hand, the evolution of Romance languages in their socio-historical contexts and, on the other hand, a general reflection on the language, the different linguistic varieties, and the problems raised in a given society. No previous knowledge of Latin or the other, non-French Romance languages is required.

* (Besides regular credits this course may also cont for one unit (i.e. 3 credits) in the M.A. in Mediterranean Studies program)
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FREN 6605

All Sections in Summer 2010, LS 6 Week Session

Summer 2010, LS 6 Week Session

FREN6605A-L10 Lecture (Tejedor De Felipe)