Mechanisms Power Contemp Russ

Operation Successor: Mechanisms of Power in Contemporary Russia

The contradictory nature of democratization and Russia’s peculiar transition from Communism predetermined the formation of certain traits of modern Russian political power. This was particularly evident in the process of presidential succession during which, while the outer appearance of democratic processes was preserved, completely different communicative patterns were established. One of the key problems is the level of trust between power and a society that has gone through profound transformations. The sheer scale of change in Russia is manifested in radical changes in virtually all spheres of political life and the pressing character of the non-political agenda in political discourse. Thus the course will also be devoted to issues in culture, science, and education, as well as to the role of expert commissions in the development of contemporary Russian politics. The course will also focus on the major personalities in Russian politics and their impact on political decision-making. Students will also learn contemporary political vocabulary. Students will be required to participate actively in class discussions and comment on assigned readings, to make an in-class presentation, and to write brief assignments and a final exam or paper.
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RUSS 6649

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Summer 2009, LS 6 Week Session

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