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La Méditerranée, une lumière jamais éteinte : Histoire, arts et civilisations des Cyclades aux temps modernes. / Mediterranean History, Arts, and Civilization from the Cyclades to Modernity

This course will begin with the study of the mysterious civilization on the Cyclades Islands 2,000 years before Christ and will cover the classical period of ancient Greece, Imperial Rome, the fall of the Roman Empire, the birth of Christianity, the Middle ages in Europe, Byzantine art in Venice and in Ravenna, the religious schism between the Western and the Eastern churches, the Venetian Empire, the Renaissance in Europe, Luther’s Reformation and the crisis of the arts in Northern Europe. Texts: Jean Carpentier et François Lebrun, Histoire de la Méditerranée, éd du Seuil, Paris 1998. ISBN 2-02-03062-0; Gilles Sauron , La grande Fresque de la Villa des Mystères à Pompéi, éd Picard, Paris, 1998. ISBN 2-7084-0545-4.

This course is also applicable to the M.A. in Mediterranean Studies.
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FREN 6591

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Summer 2009, LS 6 Week Session

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