Mangiare Italiano

/Mangiare italiano/ : Historical, Cultural and Linguistic Aspects

The course describes the history of food in Italy, throughout the centuries. The course will also analyze the formation of different regional traditions. The historical, cultural and linguistic culinary traditions will be illustrated by a series of pertinent documents. Special attention will be dedicated to the relationship that existed between the New World and Italy, and the reciprocal exchange of products and recipes. In addition, the course will examine the effects that the Italian immigration had in North America, especially on the American culinary experience.

Required texts: Rebora, "La civilta' della forchetta" Ed. Laterza, Collana Economica, anno 2000, pagg. 206 - Euro 9.00
Johd Dickie, Con gusto, Ed. Laterza, anno 2007, pagg. 396 - Euro
Capatti - Montanari, La cucina italiana: storia di una cultura, Ed. Laterza, Collana Economica, 2005, - Euro 10.00

* Only open to M.A. and DML students who have completed a preliminary summer of study on the Vermont Campus
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ITAL 6651

All Sections in Summer 2009, LS 6 Week Session

Summer 2009, LS 6 Week Session

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