20th C. Spanish Literature

20th Century Spanish Literature: Civil War, Postwar and Transition to Democracy

This course will study and discuss a selection of literary works written in Spain during the Civil War, Franco’s dictatorship and the subsequent transition to democracy. The authors initially proposed are Miguel Hernández, García Lorca, Camilo José Cela, Carmen Laforet, Ana María Matute, Miguel Delibes, Ignacio Martínez de Pisón and Alonso de Santos. Each of these authors will be studied in connection with the historical and sociocultural context of the Spanish reality of the period between 1936 and 1985. The course will also be complemented with other texts, films and documentaries that will enhance the understanding of the readings and the Spanish culture of the period..

Required text(s): Carmen Laforet, Nada. Barcelona: Destinolibro. ISBN: 978-8423334803 Camilo José Cela, La familia de Pascual Duarte. Barcelona: Destinolibro. ISBN: 978-8423307326..
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