Span Am Film New Millennium

Spanish American Film of the New Millennium

Three-week course, second session
Between 2000 and 2008, a young Spanish American film emerges, taking at times a minimalist point of view to narrate individual stories with a subjective tone, or continuing a tradition of the historical panorama to present national tragedies that occurred in the last two or three decades. This course will focus on this new type of film from different countries, with such titles as Babel, El violín, Masángeles, Tony Manero, Whisky, El baño de papa, El cobrador, Suite Habana, La mujer sin cabeza, among others. (1/2 unit)

Required Text: Films to be seen at lab and additional bibliography to be included in the course website on Segue.
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SPAN 6561

All Sections in Summer 2010, LS 3 Week Session II

Summer 2010, LS 3 Week Session II

SPAN6561A-L10 Lecture (Ruffinelli)