Iberia: Fusion of Colors

Iberia: Fusion of Colors at the Dawn of the Twentieth Century

This course will study the intersection of music, history, and cultural context, taking as its point of departure one of the masterpieces of the Spanish music: the suite Iberia by Isaac Albéniz. As we observe the 100th anniversary of its composition, we will address the historical, sociological and artistic aspects relevant to the broader European cultural context at the beginning of the twentieth century. We will explore the artistic and cultural world of Paris and its influence on Spanish music, the vision of Spain as a nation from within and beyond its borders, and the influence of this music on Carlos Saura’s last film, Iberia. Besides the reading and research through bibliographic materials, an important part of the course will be a close listening to Albéniz’ repertoire, which will give students the opportunity to learn how to appreciate the aesthetics of this music and see how the popular-folkloristic spirit has inspired the Spanish music of that time. Through this example, we will study the complex interactions that result in conceptualizations of a "culture." No previous music knowledge is required. (1 unit)

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SPAN 6643

All Sections in Summer 2007, LS 6 Week Session

Summer 2007, LS 6 Week Session

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