Hispanic Culture Thru Music

Hispanic Culture Through Music

This class will allow the student to approach the historic and musical panoramas of Spain and the Latin American coutnries from the mid-19th-century to the mid-20th-century (end of the Spanish Civil War). We will explore how artistic and musical currents developed generally in Spain and South America, by analyzing the musical facts of this period from an aesthetic point of view and placing them in the social and cultural contexts. Listening will be the central line of this course that will cover the fields of popular music (songs, dances, and rhythms) as well as classical; from here, we will see how folk material was treated by the clasic composers and how important tradition was, and still is, in today's Hispanic cultures.

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SPAN 3433

All Sections in Summer 2007, LS 7 Week Session

Summer 2007, LS 7 Week Session

SPAN3433A-L07 Lecture (Alvarez Diaz)