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Political Violence in Latin Am

Political Violence in Latin America

Why is Costa Rica politically stable with little domestic violence while Colombia has struggled with eighty years of civil conflict? Why are drug cartels a problem in Mexico but not in Argentina? This course is an introduction to the dynamics and intricacies of political violence in Latin America. Understanding why political violence occurs, how it is used, what its effects are, and how it can be countered, is crucial to a clear understanding of the problems facing states and non-state actors, as well as the dynamics of a conflict-ridden global environment. Latin America has been particularly challenged by a high level of domestic violence, perpetrated by criminal, non-state, and state actors, but has attracted less public and policymaker attention than other regions. We will cover numerous subjects, including: why non-state actors and states use violent means to pursue political ends, as well as state repression and terrorism, riots, coups, revolutions, civil wars, communal conflict, and violence by insurgents, criminals, and terrorists.

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