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This workshop is intended to take the student to the next steps beyond what is covered in the Introduction to Science and Technology course. It will provide an intensive exposure (no pun intended) in the fundamentals of nuclear material and other radioactive material, to the hazards of dealing with these materials, and to the effects of the various types of radiation associated with these materials. The student will gain knowledge in the effects of nuclear weapons and radiological weapons (such as radioactive dispersal devices) and the measurements used to discuss and quantify these hazards, such as yield, dose, and the International Atomic Energy Agency’s method for categorizing the hazards of radioactive materials.

After completion of the workshop the student should have a basic understanding of fundamental concepts and vocabulary such as half-life, decay modes, decay calculations, and other basic concepts that would assist them in acquiring scientific literacy to prepare them to work in areas that deal with these concepts. The workshop will cover basic calculations to enable the student to perform basic “back of the envelope” assessments of risks and hazards in various simple scenarios of interest and will provide the student with basic documentation that will be useful in performing these assessments.

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NPTG 8506

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Spring 2022 - MIIS, MIIS Workshop

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