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This course takes various forms, ranging from regular (legal) and irregular (illegal) migration, refugees and asylum-seekers, internally displaced persons (IDP), human trafficking and people smuggling, unskilled and skilled labor to temporary and permanent residency. Migration issues range from migrants’ rights, national and human security implications to economic and social impacts in sending and receiving countries. Moreover, immigration policies are the result of domestic forces, including inter and intra-institutional power dynamics, public opinion, national identity considerations, partisan struggles, social and economic requirements, demographic and population changes, national security, and foreign policy. This seminar will focus on the different factors and categories of migration and the state policies that manage and control migration flows. Each student will develop a comparative analysis of two countries’ immigration policies that share similar policy challenges. The research will include a description of the shared policy challenges with a policy analysis of the similarities, differences, and effectiveness of their migration policies.
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DPPG 8640

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DPPG8640A-S21 Seminar (Arrocha)